General Information about Community Cancer Caregivers

100% Community Supported

Community Cancer Caregivers runs 100% on donations and grants from the public in Ireland. From organising a coffee morning, to a giant play date with the kids in aid of Community Cancer Caregivers every cent makes a huge difference. The cost of training each of our volunteers is approx €130 each and that’s without the equipment and insurance that’s needed to perform the role.

​What you can expect from us as a Volunteer

Our commitment to our volunteers

We will:

  • always treat you with respect, consideration and appreciation.
  • ensure you have a clear idea of your responsibilities, including a rough length of time you would be involved with a family.
  • help you with information about the training and support available to help you carry out your role.
  • provide you with support through regular meetings or discussions.
  • offer you fair, honest and timely feedback on your work.

What we expect of you as a volunteer?

You must:

  • always treat CCC supporters and fellow volunteers with respect, consideration and appreciation.
  • act in a professional way whenever you represent CCC in public.
  • act in a way that doesn’t discriminate against or exclude anyone.
  • provide as much notice as possible if you are unable to fulfil your volunteering commitment, or if you no longer wish to be involved with a family.

If you don’t fully understand your role and responsibilities, please ask the co-ordinator in your area.​

How we will support you


Your CCC co-ordinator will ensure you have full training in order to complete your role; this will include Trauma Counselling, First Aid Training, Safeguarding and Fire awareness and an online Tusla Child Protection course. We will also go over any Health and Safety requirements required. We want to ensure that you feel happy and confident to carry out your role.

Reliability and commitment

It is very important that you’re reliable and you stick to any arrangements you’ve made with us. If your circumstances change, please let your CCC co-ordinator know as soon as possible. If you’re planning to go on holiday, please let your CCC coordinator know that you’ll be unavailable for certain dates and when you plan to return.

Support Service

You will receive ongoing support from your CCC co-ordinator. All volunteers will have review meetings; these will be carried out every quarter if not sooner where they need to be. These review meetings will be in person and will focus on how the role is going, what support you need and, if necessary, update you on what’s happening at CCC. It should be an opportunity for volunteers to give vital feedback on how to improve our best practices.