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"A cancer diagnosis diagnosis doesnt just impact the person diagnosed,it also impacts their family and friends. Children can be especially affected as parents need time to attend treatment and are often exhausted, lacking energy when they return home. Supports like those provided by Community Cancer Caregivers, no-cost relief childcare to familes dealing with a cancer diagnosis,can make a significant difference. The work of Community Cancer Caregivers adds another vital support for cancer patients and their families".

Donal Buggy

Director of Services, Delivery and
Implementation Irish Cancer Society

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"This unique service is a  wonderful idea for families struggling through cancer treatment. 

So practical and so necessary. We commend the founders for their innovative work".

Jennifer Carpenter

Service Manager

Hand in Hand 


"I am so grateful for the support. I can’t think of anything else you could have done. At the time nothing was clear in my head, I couldn’t think straight. I just felt such tension. You both came in and I just felt we will be ok, because you were both strong, in charge and able to arrange everything. You put me at ease and gave me direction when I didn’t know my arse from my elbow. It all felt too good to be true, in all that we were going through I think childcare was the most stressful part of it all and you changed that. I can’t tell you the difference it made. The boys still talk about the families who helped us. 

You were very thoughtful, knowing I didn’t drive & collecting me to bring me to meet the caregiving volunteers. The 2 ladies who helped us were amazing so good with the boys. It was the most difficult time of our lives; I’m still coming to terms with it all. So much of it is a blur really but I remember the day you came into the house and I’m so so grateful for you both and the two families who helped me through the worst time in my life. 

I can’t think of anything that you could have done differently. You were 2 pros.”


Client in Dublin 


"I volunteer as a childcare worker with Community Cancer Caregivers, and I was previously placed with a family who had two young boys. Getting involved with a family that are dealing with cancer was a daunting prospect, but Debbie and Donna were brilliant from start to finish. Before the placement started, they brought the two young boys and their Mum up to my house so that we could all get to know each other and make sure that everyone was happy with the arrangement, it also gave the boys a chance to familiarise themselves with my home and family, so it was less stressful for them when they came without their Mum,

After this I started to take the boys once a week, I would collect them from school and bring them to my house for the afternoon before dropping them back to their parents in the evening,

Donna and Debbie are fantastic, they are so passionate about trying to ease the burden of families whose lives have been impacted by cancer. They were in constant contact with me, making sure that everything ran smoothly. They texted me on the days the boys were with me to make sure that everything was ok, I always felt completely supported by them and I knew that they were always there to help me should I find any situation overwhelming or upsetting. They gave me logs to fill in so that they and the children’s parents could see what they got up to and what they ate etc.

I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of volunteering with Community Cancer Caregivers to do so. They situations that volunteers are placed into are obviously incredibly sad and can be upsetting but the work that the charity do is so valuable to the families and because of the constant support from the wonderful Donna and Debbie it is also a rewarding and worthwhile experience.”


Volunteer in Celbridge Co Kildare

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