Deborah Hall

Chairperson / CEO 

Deborah is currently stay-at home mum of three young children living in Celbridge. Debbie was raised in Dublin 15, but moved to Celbridge in 2007.

Debbie has a chemistry degree from IT Carlow and has worked in Compliance within the Pharmaceutical Industry for over 15years.

In August 2019, she lost a very close friend to breast cancer, who had just started her cancer treatment after giving birth to her first child. After speaking to her friend's partner and family, she came to realise the lack of services available to a parent of young children, who have been diagnosed with cancer. Debbie vowed to try and bring about a no-cost relief care-giving service to parents diagnosed with cancer, to help reduce the financial burden and added stress of finding child care arrangements for their children, while they are  attending their cancer treatments.


Donna Phelan

Company Secatary / Designated Liaison Person

Donna is a full time mum of 3 girls and has lived in Maynooth since 2013. She worked for 16 years with Penney’s but left full time employment in 2015 when her youngest child was born. 

Donna has completed a level 5 SNA course in 2019 as her middle child is autistic and has dyspraxia. Special Needs education is a passion of hers and she is always up-skilling in her knowledge for children with special needs. 

Donna ran the local toddler group in Maynooth in 2018 for 1 year; she is currently involved with the Maynooth Planning Alliance and is the chairperson of her residents association in Castlepark Maynooth. Donna is a huge community advocate and this is another group in which she wants to give back.

Paul O'Mahoney_CHD_5581.jpg

Paul O'Mahoney
Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer 

Paul is presently semi-retired. Paul and his family moved to Maynooth in 2007. In late 2007 Paul was diagnosed with cancer and was in full remission by the end of 2013.

Paul has over 20 years of financial/accounting experience in various industries throughout Ireland.

Since 2013, Paul has dedicated much of his time understanding cancer in Ireland. As well as organising, running and being part of many fundraising events for cancer and increasing awareness, Paul has come to appreciate that a diagnosis of cancer and its treatment has many aspects. It is not only physically demanding, but is also a significant emotional burden and a very worrying time not only for the patient, but also the patient’s family, friends and community. He also believes that communities are the key in lifting some of the burden associated with a cancer diagnosis and treatment by providing practical support.


Hazel Ryan
Chief Governance and Risk Officer/DPO 

Hazel is a wife and mother of 3 children (and a cat!!) who moved to Maynooth in 2017.

Hazel currently works full time as Governance and Risk Change Manager with Bank of Ireland. She has over 15 years experience in banking, specialising in policy and procedure implementation, product lifecycle, corporate culture and risk management.

Hazel is a UCD graduate and is a qualified financial advisor and holds a Licence of Banking QFA qualification, as well as a level 8 certificate in Conduct Risk, Culture and Operational Risk Management. Hazel is also a certified Data Protection Officer holding a level 9 certification in that field. 


The Community Cancer Caregivers Board