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Community Cancer Caregivers

What is “Safeguarding”:

Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm. While protecting children from abuse is one part of safeguarding, children and young people also need safeguarding in order for them to grow, develop and achieve their full potential.


1: Introduction

About us:

Community Cancer Caregivers CLG is a registered company limited by guarantee and a registered charity, our headquarters are located at 107 Crodaun Forest Park, Celbridge, Co. Kildare.

We comprise of a core team of directors and dedicated caregiving volunteers.

Our mission:

Community Cancer Caregivers provides no cost relief caregiving for North Kildare parents with cancer.

We care for children 16 and under and provide safe, timely, compassionate support to families throughout a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Community Cancer Caregivers provides temporary, short term care assistance for children who have a parent with cancer at no cost to the family.

To ensure that families receive safe, compassionate and confidential assistance by an engaged community of trained caregivers. Allowing the patient enough time to take care of themselves and focus on their treatment.

Community Cancer Caregivers aims to reduce the financial and mental strain of childcare costs on a family when they need it the most.

This child Safeguarding Statement applies to the trustees and volunteers of Community Cancer Caregivers.


2. About the Services We Provide

List of services we provide:

  • Care of child in their own home with parent present

  • Care of child in their own home with no parent present

  • Care of child in Caregivers home

  • Organising fun days out


Who our services are suitable/not suitable for:

  • We aim to provide the above services to any parent in the North Kildare region who  has received a cancer diagnosis.

  • Our services are suitable for children age newborn to 16.

  • Child safety is paramount to us, at times our service not be suitable for children who have additional needs, or medical requirements, allergies. However, we will do our upmost to determine if a suitable caregiver can be sourced who possesses the necessary skills and experience to meet these needs. We will discuss all options when meeting with potential parents.

Child welfare and safety is paramount to us and we are committed to safeguarding the children in our care by only providing services where we can ensure the best standard of care can be met.


Our principles and commitment to safeguard children from harm:

  • Our service is committed to safeguarding the children in our care and to provide a safe environment in which they can play, learn and develop.

  • Our service believes that the welfare of the children using our service is paramount. We are committed to child-centric practice in all our work with children.

  • We are committed to upholding the rights of every child and young person who attends our service, including the rights to privacy and to be kept safe and protected from harm. To ensure they are listened to, and heard.

  • All our volunteers who interact with children are fully Garda vetted, and have received full training on our policies and procedures as well as external training.

  • Our policy and procedures to safeguard children and young people reflect national policy and legislation and are underpinned by Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children 2017, the Tusla Children First- Child Safeguarding Guide 2017, and the Children First Act 2015. Child safeguarding Statement CSS.02.2020 5

  • Our Safeguarding Children Statement declaration applies to all trustees and volunteers.

  • All trustees and volunteers must sign up to and abide by the charity’s core values, governance framework, policies, procedures and guidance encompassed by this declaration and our child safeguarding policy and procedures.

  • We will conduct regular assessments and reviews of our volunteers to ensure that their conduct is in keeping with our policies and procedures as governed by the relevant legislation.

  • We will review our Child Safeguarding Statement regularly

Internet access:

In order to protect the welfare of the children in our care from potential online harm and minimise the risk, we have a zero tolerance policy on the use of internet and smart phones.

For older children this will need to be discussed between parent and child. Communication access between a parent and child will remain available at all times via the volunteer.

Step 3 Risk Assessment

We conduct risk assessments for all aspects of our business, and for each caregivers home we conduct a safety risk assessment. Below is a list of the of risk identified specifically to child safeguarding and the list of procedures for managing these risks.


























Step 4: Procedures

Our Child Safeguarding Statement has been developed in line with requirements under the Children First Act 2015, the Children First: National Guidance, and Tusla’s Child Safeguarding: A Guide for Policy, Procedure and Practice. In addition to the procedures listed in our risk assessment, the following procedures support our intention to safeguard children while they are availing of our service:

  • Procedure for the management of allegations of abuse or misconduct against workers/volunteers of a child availing of our service

  • Procedure for the safe recruitment and selection of workers and volunteers to work with children

  • Procedure for provision of and access to child safeguarding training and information, including the identification of the occurrence of harm

  • Procedure for the reporting of child protection or welfare concerns to Tusla

  • Procedure for appointing a relevant person

All policies and procedures are available upon request

Step 5: Implementation

We recognise that implementation is an ongoing process. Our service is committed to the implementation of this Child Safeguarding Statement and the procedures that support our intention to keep children safe from harm while availing of our service. This Child Safeguarding Statement will be reviewed February 2022 or as soon as practicable after there has been a material change in any matter to which the statement refers.

Provision of Child Safeguarding Statement:

A copy of this Child Safeguarding Statement will be provided to all members of staff and on request to parents/guardians, to the regulating authority, and to members of the public.

An electronic copy will be displayed prominently on our website and social media platforms.

Click PDF below to download an electronic copy of Child Safeguarding Statement


Child Safeguarding Policy

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